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Back In Balance Healthcare offers quality custom orthotics, medical grade compression socks and bracing.

Custom Orthotics

Having a solid foundation is the key to success! Custom orthotics are custom medical devices that replace the insole of your shoe. They can allow for proper biomechanics while active and prevent knee, hip and back pain.  The clinician will assess your posture, gait and any other findings and discuss your orthotic needs with you. They will then take a scan or impression of each of your feet which will be sent to a laboratory for the orthotic manufacturing. Orthotics are usually back from the laboratory in ten days or less and then will be checked against your feet to ensure a proper fit. Special instructions on how to wear and introduce your new devices will be discussed and any questioned will be answered.

Compression Socks

Medical compression therapy applies a type of elastic device on limbs or other body parts to exert a controlled pressure on them. Thereby, the device squeezes the vein walls together and improves the circulatory rate. Medical compression also helps with reduction of edema and recreates conditions beneficial for the healing of chronic inflammatory disorders.

n addition, it helps to reduce swelling and formation of edema in edematous tissues by reducing the capillary leakage into the tissue and supports the lymphatic drainage of interstitial fluid. Medical compression provides significant relief of leg aching, pain, the feeling of swelling and heaviness, and other venous and lymphatic symptoms.Medical compression can be applied in different pressure degrees, forms, and styles and materials based on the symptoms and needs of individuals. Round- and flat-knitted garments (stockings, leggings, shorts, tights, pantyhose, arm sleeves, gloves, etc.), wraps, and bandages are available. To be effective, medical compression devices should be worn every day. The controlled pressure exerted by medical compression stockings reduces the diameter of major veins, thereby increasing the velocity and volume of blood flow. Consequently, medical compression improves blood transport from the extremities towards the heart, reduces blood reflux and stagnation, and provides better drainage of the deep venous system, which all helps to increase and therefore improve the circulatory rate.

Orthopedic Bracing

Orthopedic braces and orthopedic splints protect, stabilize, support and correct injuries or abnormal alignment through the process of rehabilitation and recovery. They are used in injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, osteoarthritic care, post-operative care and more. You will be assessed in our office to determine the level of stability, type of support, function and fit that your orthopedic brace should provide and we will recommend the best brace for you based on our findings. We carry braces for back, knee,ankle,hip/pelvic, elbow,bunion, wrist, shoulder and more.

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